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Guided Biblical Archaeology
Tour of the Holy Lands

Get ready to go on a guided tour of the Holy Lands from the comfort of your own home. I'll admit that a real tour is better, but it also costs several grand. Oh, by the way, I'm Digger Doyle, your tour guide. I'll be avoiding most of the tourist traps. Instead, we will concentrate on the really good archaeological sites.

Before we start, here's how the tour works. There are several mini-tours you can chose from. Each page in the tour links to other pages in the mini-tour and sometimes to other mini-tours. Feel free to look around in whatever order you feel inspired to go. If you later want to check out any pages you may have missed, return to this page (The Tour Table of Contents). If your browser uses the standard default colors for links, sites you haven't visited will be blue; those you have visited will be purple in Netscape and olive green in Explorer. Have fun!

Where would you like to visit first?

The Jerusalem Tour

The Citadel of David
Hezekiah's (Broad) Wall
The Pinnacle of the Temple
and Robinson's Arch and Herodian Stones
The Western (Wailing) Wall
and Herodian Stones
The Pool of Bethesda
The Steps to Gethsemane
An Olive Oil Press in Jerusalem

Ancient City's and their Defenses Tour

Solomon's Gates at Megiddo
Assyrian Siege Ramp at Lachish

Life during Biblical Times Tour

An Olive Oil Press in Jerusalem
Jeroboam's Granary at Megiddo
A Roman Aqueduct at Caesarea
The Pool of Bethesda
A Model of a Four Room House
A Four Room House at Beersheba

Sites from Hezekiah's Reign Tour

Assyrian Siege Ramp at Lachish
Hezekiah's (Broad) Wall

Sites in the Life of Christ Tour

The Pinnacle of the Temple
A City on the Hill that Cannot be Hidden
Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
The Pool of Bethesda
The Steps to Gethsemane

The Dead Sea Scrolls Tour

The Dead Sea Scrolls Caves
The Scriptorium at the Qumran Community

Archaeological Methods Tour

Tell Jericho

Bible Studies Related to the Tour

Hezekiah and Trusting in the Lord
The Nature and Mission of Jesus
Being a Light in the Midst of a Crooked and Perverse Generation
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