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The Pinnacle of the Temple

The SouthWest Corner of the Temple Mount

This is the southwest corner of the Temple Mount during Herod's time. It is believed by some that this is the pinnacle of the temple.* A broken stone was also found near here with an inscription that is thought to read "to the place of trumpeting" (unfortunately, the inscription is incomplete). It is believed that this is where the the trumpet was blown to announce the Sabbath and other Holy Days.

The large stones at the lower levels are actually Herodian Stones from the time of Christ. The stone projection on the wall is Robinson's Arch. The temple would have been located to the left on the mount. The Western (Wailing) Wall is also to the left along this wall. To the right and continuing to the south is the old City of David (the Ophel). The Kidron Valley is behind the temple mount.

*Many believe the southeast corner is the pinnacle (the place where Jesus was taken by Satan, who tempted him to jump off because the angels would protect him). The southeast point is the highest point overlooking the Kidron Valley below (and outside the walls of Jerusalem). However, the southwest corner would be visible from a large portion of the city itself. It overlooked the old city of David to the right of the picture and the Herodian city to the left and in front of the picture. Some believe Satan was tempting Jesus to announce that he was the Messiah by a miraculous show. The southwest point would be a more visible show. It is also important to note that the word pinnacle comes from a Greek word meaning wing and was commonly used to refer to turret like structures. The word only later took its basic meaning to be highest point.

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