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The Citadel of David

Area G

For the most part, the City of David (or the Ophel) was the Jebusite city that David had conquered. Since that part of Jerusalem remained in use almost up to current times, it is hard to find much that can be attributed to David. However, some believe that David built a citadel with his palace just to the north outside the walls of the Jebusite city. The above photograph is from Shiloh's excavation, Area G. If I'm not mistaken, the upper portion is thought to be where the Citadel of David was built.

The stepped stone structure dates to about 1000 BC (the time of David). The building at the bottom is the House of Aheil, named after an inscription found there. It is from a later period. This area was inside the city walls after the temple was built on Mount Zion (the upper part of the hill the Jebusite Jerusalem was built on).

The temple mount is further up to the northwest (the upper right).

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