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Robinson's Arch

Robinson's Arch

Robinson's Arch is named after the discoverer who noted the significance of the arch. A staircase built by Herod led up from the Tyropoeon Valley (just west of the Ophel - City of David) to this arch and gate to the temple mount. The poor of Jerusalem lived in this crowded valley. The main street through the city led under the arch. Another arch, Wilson's Arch (also named after it's modern discoverer), was built by the Hasmoneans (the priestly rulers from the Maccabeen Revolt) to connect the upper city (where they lived) to the temple mount. It seems that they didn't like the idea of crossing the poor section of town to get to the temple. Wilson's Arch is located further to the left of Robinson's Arch and visible from the Western (Wailing) Wall.

The large stones below the arch are actually Herodian Stones. About 40 feet to the left (south) of Robinson's Arch is The Pinnacle of the Temple (the southwest corner of the temple mount).

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