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Herodian Stones

Herodian Stones at the Pinnacle Herodian Stones at the Wailing Wall

The Herodian stones in the first photograph are located at the The Pinnacle of the Temple (the southwest corner of the temple mount). This picture doesn't do justice to the size of these stones. Though their size did vary considerably, one stone found in the Rabbinical Tunnel along this wall is 46 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet and weighs about 415 tons. By comparison, the stones in the Great Pyramid in Egypt only weigh 15 tons. We are not exactly sure how these stones were moved and set into place, but it was quite a feat. The Herodian stones typically have nice embossed borders around the face of the stone. These borders can be faintly traced in the above picture.

The Herodian Stones in the second photograph can be seen on the Western (Wailing) Wall. Several people are visible in the shaded area and give a better perspective of the size of the stones, most of which are about 5 feet tall.

Unfortunately, neither of these pictures show the nicer Herodian Stones with the embossed edges. The stones on the eastern wall are better preserved. I'll keep a lookout for a good example to post later.

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