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What is Dig the Bible
and Who is Digger Doyle?

Discover the purpose and mission of this web site. Dig up the history of Dig the Bible and its author (Digger Doyle), and uncover the origin of Digger's nickname.

Guided Biblical Archaeology
Tour of the Holy Lands

Check out some great pictures of Archaeological stuff and the Holy Lands? A picture is worth a thousand words, but a few words sure help. Therefore, each picture also has a paragraph or two telling you what is significant about the site and pointing out the key parts.

Experience a Tour
of the Holy Lands

New!That's right! Many have asked about this. If you've ever wanted to visit Israel, Dig the Bible will co-host your small group tour with Horizon Tours and Travel! Details available now!

If you'd like to book your own tour to Israel, may we recommend: Horizon Tours and Travel, Inc. - the Dig the Bible choice for tours to Israel!

Biblical Archaeology Methods

Want to know technical stuff about archaeology (or at least, semi-technical stuff). This section answers the questions: What does an archaeologist do and what methods does archaeology use. And, the big question: What is Biblical Archaeology?

Biblical Archaeology
Media Reviews

Book and magazine reviews, video and movie and television series reviews, and software reviews of Biblical Archaeology related materials!

Check out Dig the Bible's Review of the new DreamWorks movie The Prince of Egypt!

Biblical Archaeology Links

These sites might not all be dedicated to Biblical Archaeology, but they have neat stuff that is related to Archaeology and the Bible.

The Future of this Site

Find out what is planned for this site in the future and about coming attractions. Then, let Dig the Bible know what you think! Your feedback is heard and helps determine the direction this web site takes as it grows.

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