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Biblical Archaeology Links

These links are taken from Digger Doyle's favorite archaeology links. If you know of some really cool Biblical Archaeology Web Sites that aren't listed here, e-mail Digger Doyle and he will visit them and maybe even add them to this page!

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Dig the Bible's Big List of Links

My Biblical Archaeology and Christian Links!

Biblical Archaeology

Of course, first and foremost, we are going to list web sites about Archaeology and the Bible!


If there are not enough links here for you, there are plenty more sources available!

The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics
A very short reference book online with pictures and info about coins in the land of the Bible.


If there are not enough links here for you, there are plenty more sources available!

ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology
Links to more archaeology sites on the web!


Archaeology sites that just don't fit into any of the other categories.

A.D. Communications--Biblical Archaeology and Seminars
This site seems to have some pretty good information and doesn't follow the sensationalist claims of certain "pseudo-archaeologists."
Employment and Job Hunting - Archaeology Net Links
Archaeology job and volunteer information.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Where does BAR (Biblical Archaeology Review) get some of those great pictures found in their magazine? Examine this site.
Ritmeyer Archaeological Design
The Ritmeyers have written some excellent articles on the design of the temple and it's location on the temple mount. These articles can be found in Biblical Archaeology Review. Their web site is also informative.
University of Texas - Middle East Network Information Center (MENIC)
Information on the Middle East, including archaeological information can be found here.


Archaeology museums!

Dead Sea -- Intro
Have you seen the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Library of Congress? Visit their site!
The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
If you are interested in Egyptian Archaeology, the University of Memphis (in Tennessee) has a good museum!
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Visit Israel's largest museum.
Homepage @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
The University of Pennsylvania has a very good archaeology department and museum.

Publications and Societies

Archaeology magazines and other publications as produced by archaeology societies.

Welcome to the American Schools of Oriental Research
Visit ASOR (American Society of Oriental Research--the "professional" Near East archaeology organization). They put out Near Eastern Archaeology (formerly Biblical Archaeologist).
Associates for Biblical Research: Biblical Archaeology
ABR is a very conservative Association for Biblical Research (hence the name) that puts a high emphasis on archaeology.
Biblical Archaeology Society
BAS produces Biblical Archaeology Review, a magazine full of colorful archaeology pictures and interesting articles.
Near East Archaeological Society
This is yet another organization that seems to be pretty solid and from a Christian conservative perspective. I can't say too much about them, since I am not yet a member of NEAS.


Higher education schools (colleges) that teach archaeology or have archaeology departments.

Baylor University - Institute of Archaeology Home Page
I received my archaeology degree from Baylor University under the direction of Dr. Bruce C. Cresson. Here is an excellent school for archaeology study! Of course, I'm a tad bit biased!
Southwest Missouri State University - The Department of Religious Studies
Dr. LaMoine F. DeVries, Dr. Victor Matthews, and Dr. James Moyer of Southwest Missouri State University all teach archaeology (antiquities) classes.

Other Christian Sites

Here are some of my favorite sites, well, next to the archaeology sites.

Churches and Ministries

A very select group of Christian churches and ministry organizations.

ACA India Home Page
Interested in going to India for some mission work? While visiting this site, checkout Laura McKinney's page in the school. Laura's a good friend of mine who recently moved from New Braunfels, Texas to teach in the ACA school!
Alamo City Christian Fellowship
Yep, this is where I go to church.
The Christian Jew Foundation's Messianic Perspectives
A great organization where you can see things from a Christian, Jewish, and Christian Jewish perspective.
Christian Research Institute
The Bible Answer Man is an excellent source of information about a variety of Biblical topics.
Sammy Tippit Ministries - Evangelism and Revival Center
Sammy Tippit is an evangelist from Alamo City Christian Fellowship in San Antonio.
FCA Fellowship of Christian Athletes World Headquaters Home Page
The home page for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
In Touch Ministries - Charles Stanley
Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries.
Renewing Your Mind Online with R.C. Sproul, the WWW Outreach of Ligonier Ministries
Ligonier Ministries and R.C. Sproul.
Way of the Cross Ministries
Way of the Cross Ministries is an evangelistic, cross cultural, missions organization that is working along the U.S./Mexican border and in the interior of Mexico.

Computer Software Companies

These are the "official" sites for specific software programs that I happen to think are good (well, someone had to judge them and since it's my web site - grin).

Logos Bible Software
Their Bible software is pricey (one of the more expensive), but it is also great (I'm a bit biased since I use it!).
Online Bible International HomePage
Online Bible has a good FREEware Bible search program.
Mattel Interactive
Mattel Intertactive has acquired Soft Key, who made the Multi-Media Pathways Through Jerusalem CD.
Parsons Technology, Inc.
Parsons has Biblical/Christian software and more.

Creation and Evolution

Interested in learning more about creationism or the creation/evolution debate?

Creation Evidence Museum - Can we Know the God of Creation? Who Am I? Where Did I Come From? What Is My Purpose Here? Where Am I Going? Learn the scientific evidence for creation and the answers to many of life's important questions
Dr. Carl E. Baugh and the Creation Evidences Museum in Glen Rose, Texas is a bit controversial for their claims that human footprints have been found in Glen Rose that are contemporaneous with dinosaur prints. Controversial or not, it is interesting reading.
Institute for Creation Research
ICR has been around for a while and puts out some pretty good stuff.
The Talk.Origins Archive
Note: This is NOT a Christian or Creationist site. It is an "Anti-Creationism" site. But, if you are interested in knowing what the other side is saying about creationism, this is one the more balanced and polite sites I've seen.


Christian magazines that you might find helpful.

Christian Computing Magazine Online!
A great magazine about Christian Computing (they also have a great web site).
Christian History ONLINE
Christian History is a magazine about, you guessed it, Christian History. It is put out by Christianity Today.
CHRISTIANITY ONLINE - Christian Community, Interests and Magazines!
Christianity Online was a Christian Computing Magazine put out by Christianity Today. They have dropped the magazine, but still have a web presence.


Christian sites that just don't fit into any of my other nice neat categories.

American Bible Society
A great source for low cost Bibles to give away.
Christian Quotation of the Day
Want to get the Christian Quotation of the Day e-mailed to you?


It is important to be politically involved (at least as far as voting goes)! We have the right to vote in the U.S. and if we don't vote, we can't complain! This section gives you information on candidates and political information from a Christian point of view.

Christian Coalition
I'm not a huge fan of the Christian Coalition, but their voter scorecards are VERY informative. I have not seen one in the past year, though.
Guide to Congress -- Christian Coalition
This Christian Coalition web site (separate from their main web site) is a great source of information about your Congress Representatives and Senators. It also has information on State Governors.
Texas Christian Coalition
See above about the Christian Coalition. This is the Texas state organization.
Focus on the Family - CitizenLink
Focus on the Family's section on Policy and Culture. It has alot of information on political issues.


Christian authors, sermons, publications, and other writings.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Want to read some of the Christian Classics, but need a copy? This source has electronic copies of the classics!
Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site
Want to know more about C.S. Lewis or his works?
New Advent
This is a Catholic web site. However, Protestants will enjoy the online version of the writings of the early church fathers (including things written before Constantine!).
Sermons and More..Seeking His Face
Need to see an old sermon from one of the the most well known preachers of old?


Yes, you can even listen to Christian radio stations online!

Best of the Christian Web
Listen to Christian radio stations over the web!
ChristianRadio.com - Your Source for Christian Radio on the Web!
Links to Christian radio stations' web sites all over the U.S., as well as to Christian radio programs and Christian artists.
This site has Christian radio station listings and programs as well as television programs.
OnePlace.com - Home
This place has a pretty extensive library of Christian radio shows.

Search Engines and Directories

Sorry, but I had to include some of these sites or I'd have a hard time searching the web for more Biblical Archaeology and Christian sites!

AltaVista - Search
My favorite search engine.
Best of the Christian Web
Well, just what it says. Information and links about the "best" of Christian stuff on the web.
Lots of Christian stuff - the Goshen Christian search engine, links, e-mail, and more!
Cross Daily.com
A collection of links to Christian sites and more.
Gospel Communications Network
Gospel Communications has a CrossSearch directory of web links and lots and lots of Christian organizations are hosted through Gospelcom.

Television and Movies

OK...so I watch too many movies...

Christian Spotlight on Entertainment
Just what it says. You might not agree with their perspective on all movies (and other forms of entertainment), but it's about the best there is out there currently. If you find a better one, let me know!
Nest Entertainment
Nest Entertainment has an Animated Bible Stories series that is very popular. I've never viewed any of them at any length to give you any archaeological feedback, but if you like animation (of if you have kids), check them out!
TNT Original Productions
While I am very much opposed to Turner's stand on many issues, TNT has produced some great Bible movies in the past four years. If you haven't seen Joseph, you need to!

Other Links

Here's some links to more links!

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